Candle-Lighting Events & Occasions

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It may not be entirely appropriate to romanticize on the circumstances of those who have no conventional source of light in the shelter of their makeshift homes. But the flicker of a burning candle does, however, give the room’s occupant something of a calming or reassuring effect. Not just to respond to that sense of emergency that sometimes occurs but people are visiting the online candle store for any number of self-satisfying or edifying reasons.

The moment a candle is lightened within darkened interiors; a sense of calm prevails. You get that in your typically suburban environment. Take the bathroom scene, for instance. Drawing a hot bath with its soapy suds, its traditional to light a scented candle to complete the relaxing scene. Quite a therapeutic occasion, and it works well enough. The lighting of candles also invokes deeply spiritual meaning amongst believers.

It does not matter which religion they belong to. Of course, there will always be one or two exceptions. Perhaps it would, however, be useful to mention the good example of the Abrahamic religions. First came Judaism. Then came Christianity. And in later years there was Islam. Go to any synagogue and you will experience lighted candles. Go to any cathedral in town and there will be candles.

But not in a Mosque. Such is religion. Nevertheless, candles are used to mark the occasion. Children’s birthday parties and wedding receptions being but two examples. They provide the calming effect, they commemorate a sense of occasion, they invoke deep meaning amongst many. But they are also highly appreciated as decorative elements. They need not even be lighted. They can stand just so on any mantelpiece or dining room table.

You may not always have a place in your life for candles but others will. Pass them over as gifts.