Why You Want To Remove Minerals From Your Water

Water is the essential component to life.  The core makeup of water is one atom of Hydrogen and two atoms of Oxygen.  If you have ever taken a science class in school, you should be familiar with that formula of H2O.  However, what you may not be familiar with are all of the other chemicals and minerals that are found in water.  As water falls from the sky, goes through the ground, runs over rocks and makes its way to us, it begins to collect additional components that make it what is known as hard water.

When we have hard water it is suggested that we add water softeners akron to our homes in order to cut down and hopefully eliminate these minerals.  Now, even though this water is still safe to drink and won’t harm you, these minerals will do damage to your home over time.


The first component of your home to take a hit will be the plumbing.  As the water flows through the pipes it will leave a thin scaly residue behind.  This residue is the heavy minerals that are in the water.  As these minerals sit on our pipes they will begin to eat away at the copper and other materials that make up our plumbing.  Over time this will cause our pipes to erode and fall apart leaving costly bills to homeowners.

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When adding this water softener system to our homes we are able to remove these minerals before they enter our home.  As the water flows through the system the minerals are deposited on a screen that will eventually be replaced, preventing the minerals from entering the home. 

As a result, the homeowner will experience cleaner hair, softer skin, cleaner clothing and much more.  When we work with pure H2O without all the minerals it will have a greater impact on all aspect of our lives.